RFI/RFPs must first be presented to Michael and Ken with a note as to why we should consider responding to it, if it is not an existing client. We will always respond to RFI/RFPs for existing clients.  Marketing will only work on a RFI/RFP when it has been approved and handed down from Michael and/or Ken. Along with the note, all of the following questions must be answered when presenting a RFI/RFP to Michael and Ken.

a) How did we get invited?

b) Who is our internal advocate

c) What amount of business and what markets can we bid on?

d) Serviceability issues; pay rates, skills, available database, etc

e) Pricing sensitivities, VMS fees, backgrounds, etc

f) Payment terms

g) Timing sensitivities

h) Other



Any questions regarding RFI/FRP Requests can be directed to Michael and Ken.