The CoWorx / Axcess Experience

"As we all know, our industry has experienced a decline in its net promoter score from approximately 70% five years ago to below zero in the latest Innovaro survey.  We understand this is a serious problem, but more importantly, we see it as a huge opportunity for our company.


At this point, all employees should have received their location results and have a clear understanding of where we are going.  Attached you will find the CoWorx and Axcess standard operating procedures specific to the “First Impression” of the candidate experience.  As we move forward in our journey for world class customer care, all employees will be expected to follow these SOP’s.  When I say “First Impression”, this sop is specific to the first contact a potential candidate has with us.  This is one of many steps that are crucial but if we can’t win the first step the game is over.


We look forward to great success as the task force continues the secret shopper initiative.


Without our candidates and Field Associates – we have no business."   



Ken Sudnikovich

  Chief Operating Officer

How good is your first impression?

We're about to find out!

You can download the SOP's here

Each quarter secret shopper calls will be placed to every branch office, onsite and corporate department to see how well the person who answers, complies with the "First Impression" SOP's.  Feedback and scores from the calls will be directed back to the Executive team and Branch office / Onsite management .  



Which Branch Offices, Onsites and Departments will have the best first impressions? Here are the 3rd Quarter, 2018 results.


Congratulations to the 31 Branches and Onsites that scored a

90% or higher! Of those 31, 17 locations scored 100%! 


A link to the entire scorecard is at the bottom of the ranking.

q3 coworx axcess experience.jpg

You can download the full scorecard here