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Every office/onsite has its Field Associate ALLSTAR! Someone who stands out from everyone else and can serve as the perfect ambassador for the staffing industry. Now's your chance to nominate that person for the American Staffing Association's National Staffing Employee Of The Year! We will submit the top Nominee from CoWorx and Axcess to the ASA where they could win:


When completing the nomination form below, follow the ASA's tips below. Be careful to provide all requested information, and ensure that all required fields are filled in. When completing the short “essay” section of the form that allows you to describe, in your own words, why your field associate should be honored: 


▪ Be as specific as possible in describing how your temporary or contract employee personifies one or both of the staffing industry’s key messages of bridge and flexibility.


- Bridge: The ability to bridge or transition from a temporary or contract position to a permanent job. Was your employee offered a permanent position with a client for which he or she excelled during a particular assignment? How did this offer of a permanent job positively affect the employee’s life? How did the skills the employee acquired while working on a particular assignment affect his or her future career prospects? Did the employee receive any special training on the job that helped him or her land a permanent position? Did the employee achieve his or her goal of a permanent job after graduating from school due to his or her experiences in staffing? Was this employee part of the long-term unemployed or an underserved population and able to gain permanent employment through his or her experiences? Etc. 


- Flexibility: Schedule flexibility provided by temporary or contract employment. How did this flexibility make a difference for this particular employee’s quality of life? For instance, was the employee a single parent who needed flexibility to balance work responsibilities with the needs of his or her children? Was the employee the primary caregiver of an elderly relative and needed this flexibility to perform essential responsibilities associated with this role? Did the employee choose staffing because he or she was a student and needed a flexible schedule to balance school and work? Is the employee working as a temporary or contract employee to allow him or her to pursue entrepreneurial or philanthropic pursuits? Etc. 


▪ Tell a good story about why this temporary or contract employee is unique. Did he or she overcome any major obstacles? How did the employee’s experiences in staffing change his or her life in a positive manner? Why is this particular employee a role model for others in the staffing industry? 

deadline to enter your nomination is Monday, april 22nd

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